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Awakening our Inner Senses - 1

from: Hazrat Inayat Khan -

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Why do we join the study classes? Is it for the acquisition of inner powers, for inspirations, phenomena, or curiosity? All this is wrong. Is it for the accomplishment of something material or for worldly success? That is not desirable. Self-realization, to know what we are, should be our aim.

Some people who admire piety and goodness want everyone to be an angel, and discovering that this is impossible, they are full of criticism. Everyone has in him a devil and an angel; everyone is at once human and animal. It is the devil in us that drives us to do harm without a motive, by instinct. The first step should be to leave this attitude. No one believes that our own particular demon can be a manifestation of the devil. But who can say, ‘I am free from such an evil spirit’? We can be under the power of a spell, and we must overcome such a power. We must liberate ourselves from evil. Everyone can fight.

We must discover at which times we have manifested our devil or our animal spirit. We want a human spirit. Self-realization is the search for this human spirit. Everything must become human in us. But what should we do for that? Read the Bible and other holy scriptures? All these books say what we should do. But we must also find the treasurehouse of goodness that is there in our heart. As we cultivate our heart it rises up. By asceticism we can develop our soul and reach ecstasy. But of what use is samadhi if we are not first human? If we want to live in this world we must be human; the ascetic should live in a forest.

How should we cultivate the heart and the feeling? No doubt harmlessness, devotion, and kindness are necessary, but there is something besides these. The awakening of a certain center makes us sensitive not only externally, but also mentally. There are two kinds of people: one will be struck by the beauty of music or other manifestations of beauty; the other person is dull as a stone to all this.

Why? Because something in his or her heart and mind is not awakened. We have five senses, but we also have inner senses, and these can enjoy life much more keenly.

Some people will say, ‘I need no inner senses, the outer ones satisfy me completely.’ They would speak differently if, for instance, they lost an eye or another of their five senses. In order to be complete, a human being must develop his inner senses also. But first of all we should develop our inner feeling.

My thoughtful self! Reproach no one,

hold a grudge against no one, bear malice against no one;

be wise, tolerant, considerate, polite and kind to all.


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