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from: Hazrat Inayat Khan -

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In Sufi terms divine manner is called Akhlak Allah. We think, speak and act according to the pitch to which our soul is tuned. The highest note we could be tuned to is the divine note; once we have arrived at that pitch, we begin to express the manner of God in everything we do.

What is the manner of God? It is a kingly manner, yet a manner which is not known even to kings. Only the King of heaven and earth knows that manner; the soul who is tuned to God expresses it. This manner is void of narrowness, free from pride and conceit, and not only beautiful but beauty itself, for God is beautiful and God loves beauty.

The soul tuned to God also becomes as beautiful as God and begins to express God through all she does, expressing the divine manner in worldly life. Why is it a kingly manner? The word ‘kingly’ signifies someone who possesses power and wealth in abundance. The soul tuned to God, before whom all things fade away and in whose eyes the importance of the little things of which every person thinks so much is lessened, begins to express divine manner in the form of contentment. It might seem to an ordinary person that nothing matters to this soul. No gain is exciting, no loss is alarming. If anyone praises, it is of no consequence; if anyone blames, it does not matter to him or her. Honor and insult is all a game to them. At the end of the game, neither is the gain a gain nor is the loss a loss; it was only a pastime.

We might think, what does such a person do for others, what good is the person to those around him or her? That person is healing to those around them; that person is an influence, uplifting souls suffering from narrowness and from the limitation of human nature. Human nature is not only narrow and limited but it is also foolish and tyrannical, because the nature of life is intoxicating. Intoxication makes people drunken. What do drunken people want? They want their drink, and they do not think about others.

In this life there are so many liquors that we drink: wealth, passion, anger, and possession. We are not satisfied only with possessing earthly properties, but we also wish to possess those whom we pretend to love. In this way we prove to be tyrannical and foolish. All the things of this world that we possess are in reality not possessions; we are possessed by them, whether wealth or property or a friend or position or rank.

The soul with divine manner is sober compared with the drunken person of the world. This soberness produces in us that purity called the Sufi Way of Living; through that purity God reflects in the mirror-like soul of a human being.

Nothing frightens the soul who reflects God, for she is above all fright. She possesses nothing, and all fright is connected with our possessions. Does it mean that we leave the world and pass our life in caves in the mountains? Not in the least. We may have the wealth of the whole world in our possession and we may have the kingdom of the whole universe under us, but nothing binds us, nothing ties us, and nothing frightens us. For only that which is our own belongs to us.

When our soul is our own, all is our own, and what belongs to us cannot be taken away. Only we ourselves could take it away. We are our own friend and our own foe. So there is no longer pain or suffering, complaint or grudge. We are at peace, for we are at home, whether we are on earth or we are in heaven.

As water of the ocean is ever pure in spite of all that may be thrown into it,

so the Pure One consumes all impurities and turns them into purity.


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