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The Prophet Mohammed

from: Hazrat Inayat Khan - Social Gathekas

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Born of the family of Ishmael, Mohammed had in him the prophetic heritage, and before him that purpose to be fulfilled which had been prophesied by Abraham in the Old Testament. The Prophet became an orphan in his childhood and knew what it is in the world to be without the tender care of the mother and without the protection of the father.

This experience was the first preparation for the child who was born to sympathize in the pain of others. Some say once, others say twice, and others say three times, a miracle happened: that the breast of the Prophet was cut open by angels. Some say they took something away, and instantly his breast was healed. What was it? It was the poison which is to be found in the sting of the scorpion and the teeth of the serpent; it is the same poison which exists in the heart of human beings. All manner of prejudice, hatred, and bitterness, in the form of envy and jealousy, are the small expressions of this poison which is hidden in the heart of a human being. When this poison is taken away in some form or other, then the serpent remains with its beauty and wisdom but without its poisonous teeth.

So it is with us human beings. We meet with hardships in life, sometimes too hard to stand at the moment, but often such experiences become as higher initiations in the life of the traveller on the path. The heart of a human being which is the shrine of God, once purified of that poison, becomes the holy abode where God Himself resides.

As a youth Mohammed travelled with his uncle, who went to Syria on a business trip. He knew the shortcomings of human nature, which have a large role to play in the world of business. He knew what profit means, what loss means, and what both mean in the end. This gave him a wider outlook on life, because he saw how eager one is to profit by the loss of another.

Human beings live in this world no better than the large and small fishes in the water, who live one upon the other.

Do not ask a favour of those who will not grant it you.

Meet your shortcomings with a sword of self-respect.

Let not your spirit be humbled in adversity.


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