The Field of Life

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The flower of the Sufis - the Rose

'Day of the Roses'

Life is a field and you are born to cultivate it,

a field as long as time, as broad as space.

And if you know how to cultivate this field, you can produce anything you like.

All the needs of your life can be produced in this field.

All that your soul yearns after and all you need is to be got from the field,

if you know how to cultivate it and how to reap the fruit.


'The furrows must be ploughed straight and deep'.



My little Ginkgo says:
'Faretheewell, friends, I am taking leave of you, give shelter to the ones who need it, but in Spring, you will meet me again in the new generation which will follow, in their new garments'...

Shine a light when winter comes...



The reason why a rose smells so beautifully is
that she is friendly to the thorn.


Mevlânâ Jelâleddin Rûm-î