Sohbet of the Week (21 -19)

Ibn’Arabi tells a story of Al-Andalus, about what he experienced

with Abū Muhammad ‘Abdallāh, son of al-Mawrūrī of Moron - 7

Unique in his time for his great reliance upon God and his veracity, Abū Muhammad ‘Abdallāh was a companion to Abū Madyan, and a group of friends.

One night I was with him in the house of Abū ‘Abdallāh Muḥammad al-Khayyāṭ. We were all sitting facing the qiblah, and everyone had his head between his knees, practicing Invocation or contemplation. Suddenly a sort of sleep overcame me, and I saw myself and the whole company in a very dark room so that ‘…if a man were to stretch forth his hand, he would scarcely be able to see it’.

From each of us there emanated a light from his essence to illuminate the immediate darkness around him. As we sat in the light of our own essence, a person came in to us thorough the door of that dark room and greeted us, saying: ‘I am the apostle of truth to you’. Then we asked him what he had to say of the man whose doctrines we suspected, he said: ‘He is a believer in the Unity of God’.

This was indeed true, but it was not this but his creed we suspected. Then I said: ‘O Apostle, deliver the message you have been sent with’. He said: ‘Know that good is in existence, and evil in non-existence. God, in His generosity, has created the human being and has made him unique in His creation, created according to His Names and Attributes, but the human being has lost sight of this by regarding his own individual essence, seeing himself by himself and the number returns to its origin. He is He and not you’.

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Dear friends, here are the collected 'Sohbets' of 2019, much joy listening!