Sohbet of the Week (11 -18)

Hazrat Inayat Khan – Ora Ray Baker - Amîna Begum’s life (2)

From a child Ora showed great strength of will. Once when she was very ill, and a physician had given up hope, and had told her mother so, not knowing that Ora heard this, as she lay in bed, she began to say in her childish manner empathically: ‘I will not die, I don’t want to die’. And then, to the great surprise of the doctor, she lived, and he gave all the credit of her cure to her strength of determination, the spirit which fought against death. In this she showed a tendency of a relation of hers, Mrs. Eddy Baker, who has spread that same idea in the world as Christian Science.

In early youth Ora once saw near her bed an appearance, an Eastern sage, who appeared a moment and passed across. She afterwards had a dream, that an Eastern sage held her in his arms and rose towards the sky and carried her away overseas.

When Ora saw Inayat, at first sight she felt wholly drawn to him, and thought this was the one after whom her soul had always sought. He then taught her music. Ora thought it too difficult to express her feelings to Inayat, who seemed so reserved and remote from all earthly attachments.

But she silently bore in her heart the great power of the attraction she felt. For some time, she was under the guardianship of her brother, who was a physician by qualification, and a leader of an Order in America.

Inayat, fully absorbed in the mission for which he was sent to the West, had not the east thought of anything else in life except his work.

With deep admiration.

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