Sohbet of the Week (25 -18)

Hazrat Inayat Khan speaks about his task -

Woman in the West

Woman’s life in the West I found nearly as hard as in the East, perhaps harder, for in the East woman is more protected by man. In the West she stands responsible for herself, at home and outside the home, and it is that which makes her strong in every way. Nevertheless, this blunts her feminine qualities and develops male qualities. Some women are inclined to cut their hair short and smoke cigarettes, some are inclined to rough games and crude ways of recreation. Woman thinks by this she stands equal to man, ignorant of the fact that she becomes less attractive to him, who completes her life.

In the East, under the shelter of man, the feminine qualities of woman develop freely, and her womanly charm is maintained. Woman by nature is inclined to Inner Life, in the East or West. But especially in the West, where the life of man is mostly absorbed in business and politics, it is woman who interests herself in religion, in philosophy and all works pertaining to God and humanity. The spirit of the Western woman with which she fights her battle all along through life, is most splendid.

There is no line of work or study which a woman in West does not undertake and does not accomplish as well as man. Even in social and political activities, in religion, in spiritual ideas, she indeed excels man. The charitable organizations existing in different parts of the West, are mostly supported by women, and I see as clear as daylight that the hour is coming when woman will lead humanity to a higher evolution.

With deep gratitude, dear Murshid, more and more like a brother to me.

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