Sohbet of the Week (33 -17)

Ibn'Arabi tells a story of Al-Andalus, about what he experienced

with Abû Abdullâh Muhammad B. Al-Mujahid

Abû Abdullâh was a learned man in sacred sciences and a jurist of the Mâlikite school, and he taught at the Mosque of al-Muqaibirât. He lived his life in accordance with the saying of the Prophet (saw): ‘Reckon with yourselves before you are brought to the Reckoning’. To be exact, he would make a note of all his thoughts, actions, words, that he had heard and similar things. After the prayer of nightfall he would seclude himself in his room and go over all his actions of that day which demanded repentance and repented for them.

He would do the same with all that would call for his gratitude. Then he would compare all his actions with what was required of him by the sacred Law. Having done this, he would sleep a little, after which he would rise to say his litanies (wird) and pray in accordance with the custom of the Prophet. Then he would sleep and pray alternately throughout the night. He would make a circle of his books around him, so that when he had completed some devotion or act of worship, he would take up one of the books and read it to himself.

One day the Caliph Abû Ya’kûb visited him. During their conversation, the caliph said to him: ‘Oh, Abdullâh, do you not find living on your own rather lonely?’ He replied: ‘Friendship with God dissolves all loneliness; for how can I be alone when He is always with me? Whenever I wish to converse with my Lord, may His majesty be exalted, I take up the Qur’an. Should I wish to converse with the Prophet of God, peace and blessings of God upon him, I take up a volume of the Traditions, and if I wish to commune with the Followers of the Prophet, I take up some work dealing with their lives. So it is with every one with whom I would converse. How then can you speak of loneliness, Oh Abû Ya’kûb?’ He then recited some verses referring to this practice.

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