Sohbet of the Week (50 -18)

Güzel Sözler -

11 aphorisms of Hz. Mevlânâ Jelâleddin Rûm-î


Sevgi – Love

Love is a quality of human compassion;

anger and lust are characteristics of animals.


Hz. Mohammed

The holy Qur’an is like my skin, as long as I am alive.

I am earth of the Prophet Mohammed’s path;

he is the chosen One of God.


Whoever does not feel like this

I pity and cannot understand what he says.


Oh Mustafa! Be the captain of this ocean of joy!

Because you are another Noah.

Intellects should be guided,

especially when we travel on the sea!


You are Khidr of our time, you reach out to every ship in need.

You are like a lighthouse before this humanity, you shine like the sun.

Oh, Prophet! The right path is like the Kaf Mountain, and you are phoenix.


Oh you Cure!

Let us not take advantage of patients,

let us not use the stick of a blind

to fall in anger and become deaf;

let us bring peace to the ones

who do not see in this world.


Öfke - Anger

Your anger is the seed of Hellfire.

Bring water, tame yourself and extinguish this hell.


Kötü Kisiler – Bad People

Evil becomes a habit to poor people.

Do them a favour, and they will give evil in return.


Ziyaret - Visits

Frequent visits make us tired,

few visits bring doubt to our friendship


Sevgi - Love

The worst people are both,

allergic and haggish.



It is difficult to say

what is right.


Sır – Secret

If you entrust your secret to a chatterbox,

it is like pouring water into a cracked pot.


Çalışmak - Work

To be successful in life,

you have three things at your disposal:

Attention, order and work.


Gıpta - Envy

Do not envy others;

so there will be many who will envy you

to live a good life.


Aşk – Love

To give is an honour for the one who loves.

So, sacrificing your life is generosity in love.


*             *             *




Dear friends, here are the collected 'Sohbets' of 2018, much joy listening!