Sohbet of the Week (33 -18)

Ibn’Arabi tells a story of Al-Andalus, about what he experienced

with Abu Al-Hasan Al-Munhanali

This man adhered most strictly to the canonical prayers, spoke to no one and kept company with none, being constantly occupied with the salvation of his soul. He was a man of lofty intellect, much given to sighs and wearing always a sorrowful countenance. He once fasted day and night for twenty-five days. He was most dutiful towards his mother.

I was one of his companions for nearly ten years. He never asked me where I had come from or where I was going.

One day in the month of July he was sitting in the Friday mosque. Although the heat was intense he was smiling. When I asked him, what cause he had to smile, he said: ‘The heat is indeed intense, but God is kind to his servants’.

Towards the late afternoon the rain began to fall and by the time of the prayer the heavens had opened, and it rained so heavily that the streets ran in torrents.

*             *             *



Dear friends, here are the collected 'Sohbets' of 2018, much joy listening!