Sohbet of the Week (42 -18)

Ibn’Arabi tells a story of Al-Andalus, about

what he experienced with Nunah Fatimah of Córdoba

Nunah Fatimah was often visited by believing ‘Jinns’, who would seek her companionship, but she would refuse them and reminded them of what the Apostle of God had said the night he caught the demon. ‘I remembered the words of my brother Solomon and used them to hold them away’.

At first, she had earned her living on a spindle, then she thought she could earn her keep by hand-spinning, but God caused her spinning finger to become crippled from the moment she started on the work. She said: ‘From that day I relied upon the scraps of food thrown from the people’s houses’.

She had married a righteous man whom God had afflicted with leprosy. She served him happily for twenty-four years until he was taken to God’s mercy.

When she became hungry and no scraps or offerings of food came her way she would be content and thank God for His favour in that he was subjecting her to that to which He had subjected his prophets and Saints. She would then say: ‘O Lord, how can I deserve this great position that You treat me as You treated Your loved ones?’

*             *             *



Dear friends, here are the collected 'Sohbets' of 2018, much joy listening!