Sohbet of the Week (46 -19)

Hazrat Inayat Khan tells about his life:

My tour abroad in the West - 3

I spoke at the universities of Berkeley and Los Angeles in California, where my music and my discourses on philosophy, as expressed in the realm of art, attracted much attention. Although my professional tour did not permit me to do as much as I otherwise could have done, yet it was the only means of fulfilling my mission, which had no other support than that of God. This tour aided me greatly in establishing the Sufi Order in America, with the following objects at heart:

  • To establish a human brotherhood with no consideration of caste, creed, race, nation, or religion; for differences only create a lack of harmony and are the source of all miseries.

  • To spread the wisdom of the Sufis, which has been until now a hidden treasure, though it is indeed the property of mankind and has never belonged to any particular race and religion.

  • To attain that perfection wherein mysticism is no longer a mystery but redeems the unbeliever from ignorance and the believer from falling a victim to hypocrisy.

  • To harmonize the East and West in music, the universal language, by an exchange of knowledge and a revival of unity.

  • To promote Sufi literature, which is most beautiful and instructive in all aspects of knowledge.

Praise be to the name of God, that those who were attracted by the message of truth were for the most part earnest and very devout. Indeed, their sympathy made me almost forget my yearning for the East, and I felt at one with them.

*             *             *



Dear friends, here are the collected 'Sohbets' of 2019, much joy listening!