Sohbet of the Week (29 -19)

Azeem van Beek tells about Musharaff Khan - 2

(Azeem van Beek was one of the Sufi Pioneers in South Africa)

Vividly I remember when we once spoke about the time in London, when Inayat Khan, his two brothers and Ali Khan lived there during the first World War, perhaps the most difficult period the group had to endure in the Western world. In England everyone’s daily interest was focussed upon the desperate struggle with the Germans. There was not much time for ‘Indians’, and nearly no interest in what they stood for: a Message of Love, Harmony and Beauty.

The few mureeds of the small Sufi centre were always around the Master to receive his inner help and encouragement during those dark years, but they did not ask, if the Master had the financial means to live. He had NOT.. and Inayat Khan and his companions once fasted for a fortnight to spare the meagre resources for the women and small children. When I spoke about this with one of Inayat Khan’s direct disciples, himself a wealthy man, I was surprised to learn that he did not know about those facts and … even did not believe; it remained outside his consciousness.

Musharaff Khan during those years was still a stranger in the Western world, not even 20 years old and when he told me about it he said: ‘Azeem, if we had not had the support of the Master, we could not have survived'.

Azeem van Beek, Cape Town’

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With deep gratitude to you, dear Azeem, for your work and memory,

Your brother Puran

Dear friends, here are the collected 'Sohbets' of 2019, much joy listening!