Sohbet of the Week (07 -19)

Hazrat Inayat Khan speaks about his years in India:

Abu Hashim Madani, 5th part

From that time this sage made me a king.

After this time my life underwent a still greater test. I was then leading a life of an ascetic. I could not continue to appear before the Rajah of the palace, nor could I appear before the public as an ascetic. I therefore adopted the guise of a musician, keeping up the external life of my profession, while in my inner life, my life at home, I followed the life of an ascetic. This was because in such a case I would receive everything I needed – food comforts, home. In the East they give an ascetic everything he needs.

When we are not living the outward life of an ascetic, we have to accept worldly responsibilities, just like any other ordinary person. At the same time, we must sleep on the ground on the skin of a deer and spend the nights in concentration and meditation.

I continued all this without considering for one moment whether there would be any profit to me in all this; what would it profit me? What would I gain from it? Sometimes the Tempter would come to me, for instance: ‘Take some sleep and fulfil the desire of self. He would come and say: ‘Why do you keep awake? Do you not see that the world is asleep? Why spend your time on something no-one else does? What will it bring you? Do you have all that the world is in need of? You will need to participate in the struggle for existence the same as other people’.

But my answer was always: ‘You are a Tempter, a Hinderer – the ego. It is you who keeps all these people asleep. No, I will not sleep. I will fight against you. If I gain nothing for myself, at least I will have conquered you.’

Years of this were my preparation for the inner injunction from God, as a fulfilment of the years of devotion, when I left home – my native land, India – to give the Message of Truth to the Western World.

God bless you.

(Taken down in Leeds, 10th June 1919 – recorded by Dr. O.C.Gruner) ’.

*             *             *

With deep gratitude to you, dear Murshid, more and more like a brother to me!


Dear friends, here are the collected 'Sohbets' of 2019, much joy listening!