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Perfection (2)

from: Hazrat Inayat Khan -

The Purpose of Life

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When someone finds that there is no justice to be found in life, or beauty is lacking, or wisdom is not to be found anywhere, and goodness is rare, then he begins to think that justice must exist somewhere; all beauty, wisdom, goodness must be found somewhere, and that is in paradise. He thinks, ‘It exists somewhere. I shall find it one day; if not in this life, I shall find it in the hereafter; but there is a day when the fulfillment of my hope, my desire, will come.’

This person lives; and this person lives to see his desire fulfilled. For in reality the lack that we find in a person, in a thing, in an affair, in a condition, will not always remain. For all will be perfect, all must be perfect; it is a matter of time. And it is towards that perfection that we are all striving, and the whole universe is working towards the same goal. It is in that perfection that the thinkers and the great ones of all times have seen their paradise, because through a human being it is God who desires. Therefore it is not the desire of a human being; it is the desire of God, and has its fulfillment.

Life on the physical plane is limited, but the power of desire is unlimited. If desire finds a difficulty in fulfillment on the physical plane, yet it retains its power just the same; and the desire is powerful enough to accomplish its work, rising above or freed from this physical plane of limitations. It is therefore that a hope in paradise has been given by the great ones. In the Bible it is said in the Lord's prayer, ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven’, which means that there is a difficulty even for the will of God to be done on earth, because of limitations. Therefore there is a difficulty for the fulfillment of every person's wish, even though in the wish of every person there is the wish of God.

Though there is a difficulty in the physical world, because this is the world of limitations, yet the desire knows no limitations. But desire becomes beaten up, enfeebled, worn out, by continually facing the limitations of this physical plane. If hope sustains and faith cherishes it, there is no desire, either smaller or greater, which will not be fulfilled one day, if not on earth, in heaven. It is that fulfillment of desire which may be called paradise.

'Heaven is the vision of fulfilled desire, and hell the shadow of a soul on fire.’             

Someone went to Ali and asked him, ‘You tell us about the hereafter and the granting of desire there. What if it be not true? Then all our efforts on this earth would be wasted.’ ‘Nothing will be wasted,’ said Ali. ‘If it were not fulfilled, then you and I would have the same experience. But if it be true that there is a paradise, then you will be the loser and I shall gain, for I have prepared for it and you have scoffed at the idea.’

But those who wait for a paradise in the hereafter, or for all things to come true in the hereafter, may look at it differently: that the power of desire is so great that we must not allow it to wait for the hereafter. If there is something that can be accomplished today, we need not wait for it to be accomplished tomorrow. For life is an opportunity, and desire has the greatest power, and perfection is the promise of the soul.

We seek perfection, because perfection is the ultimate aim and the goal of creation. The source of all things is perfect; our source is perfect, our goal is perfect; and therefore every atom of the universe is working towards perfection, and sooner or later it must arrive at perfection consciously. If it were not so, you would not have read in the Bible, ‘Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.’

By creating happiness, we fulfil our life's purpose.


Vadan - Chalas

(Maheboob Khan, Hazrat Inayat Khan‘s brother, has composed music to a row of aphorisms of Hazrat Inayat Khan in the middle of last century, as this ‚Every Step in Thy Path‘. Mohammed Ali Khan, Hazrat Inayat Khan’s cousin, has sung this song around the year 1956 in a concert in Zürich – here you can listen to it)

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