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Divine Manner (2)

from: Hazrat Inayat Khan -

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The difference between God and humankind is that God is omniscient and we only know of our own affairs. Because God is omniscient, God loves all and God's interest is in all; so it is with the godly soul. The divine personality expressed through the godly soul shows itself in interest for all, whether known or unknown to that soul. Our interest is not only for another because of our kind nature or of our sympathetic spirit.

We do not take interest in another person's welfare and well-being because it is our duty but because we see ourselves in another person. Therefore the life and interest of another person to the godly soul is as her own. In the pain of another person, the godly soul sorrows; in the happiness of another person, the godly soul rejoices. Thus the godly soul, who has almost forgotten him or herself, forgets also the remaining part of the self in taking interest in others.

From one point of view it is natural for the godly soul to take interest in others. The one who has emptied him or herself of what is called ‘self' in the ordinary sense of the word is alone capable of knowing the condition of another. We sometimes know more than the person him or herself, as a physician knows the case of his patient.

Divine manner, therefore, is not like that of parents to children, of friend toward beloved friend, or of king to servant, or of servant to master. Divine manner consists of all manners; it is expressive of every form of love. If it has any peculiarity, that peculiarity is a divine one! In every other form of love and affection the self is somewhere hidden, asking for appreciation, for reciprocity, and for recognition.

Divine manner is above all this. It gives all and asks nothing in return in any manner or form, thus proving the action of God through a human being.

 It is Thy divine purity that is manifest

in the innocent expression of the child.


Hazrat Inayat Khan: Vadan - Alankaras

(Maheboob Khan, Hazrat Inayat Khan‘s brother, has composed music to a row of aphorisms of Hazrat Inayat Khan in the middle of last century, as this ‚Every Step in Thy Path‘. Mohammed Ali Khan, Hazrat Inayat Khan’s cousin, has sung this song around the year 1956 in a concert in Zürich – here you can listen to it)

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