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Circulation of Health through the Veins of Nature’ - 3

from: Hazrat Inayat Khan:

'Healing Papers'

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The lover rises again when he consults with himself and says, 'I will make such an ideal as will allow my life to become self-sufficient. The ideal will be my excuse, but in reality I will raise my love. Whenever love was broken it was only because the ideal did not prove to be as the lover expected it to be. I will therefore avoid blinding my eyes with the external life, but will build the path on which to travel in my own heart. That ideal will suffice and provide everything that the beloved may lack.'

This lover is the real lover, because love has a beauty too, and he produces from his own love the beauty which perhaps the beloved lacks, and he no longer notices the lack in his beloved. From this time on, the beloved becomes his love because he has made a beloved in his thought, in his imagination, and he can continually add to the beauty of the manifestation.

In this manner the song of love and beauty has been sung in all periods of history. Sa'adi of Persia, Dante of Italy, and all the great ones who have loved and appealed to the heart of human beings, all of them have left words which still pierce through our hearts today because of the greatness of their ideal. They have themselves created their ideal in their own hearts. For all such there can no longer be any question of the beloved proving unworthy of love. The lover has become the creator of the love.

Did not God create love? Have not we inherited this beauty of God? Can we not create love also? That which we can create can always be depended on.

There is another side to this question, and it is that the ideal of love which is created by a human being is according to his evolution. If he is material, he will appreciate material beauty in a person or object. He cannot help this. It is not his fault. It is right for him to admire that which directly appeals to him. One person will prefer beauty of mind, of virtue, of personality, of some good manner, of some goodness which appeals to him; he values a beautiful personality, a sympathetic presence. Another person will perhaps like a soul because he finds in it his ideal of inspiration, intuition, peace of mind, and joy.

The real abode of God is in the heart of a human being;

when it is frozen with bitterness or hatred,

the doors of the shrine are closed, the light is hidden.


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