The musical work of Hidayat I. Khan

Symphonic music, chamber music,

pieces for choir and solo instruments


CD's available

Dear friends and musicians,

Please find here a documentation of the work of Hidayat I. Khan, whose friendship and musicality always gave me an immense joy, teaching and blessing. Over the past five years we have been sharing an intense work in bringing his handwritten music into printed publications. Herma Ardesch with her Sunray work has enriched the publications with her fine paintings.

Below you find a documentation of the works of Hidayat I. Khan in PDF, descriptions and accompanying material to performances, links to friends who have been working with the composer.

By clicking here you will find a complete overview on all works.

For complete scores, parts or CD's please contact me.

And, if you wish to listen to the composition which Hidayat dedicated to his sister Noor - here it is: La Monotonia

Thank you for your interest.

Symphonic Works of Hidayat I. Khan PDF A4 Dokumentation English
Royal Legend Symphonic Poem Op. 46 - Premiere of May 5, 2007 PDF A5 Brochure
Royal Legend Symphonic Poem Op. 46 - Revised Edition May 2007 PDF A5 Extract Score
La Monotonia Op. 28 for Piano PDF A4 bound format
La Monotonia Op. 28 for Organ PDF A4 bound format
Aria Op. 57 for Piano solo PDF A4 bound format