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Kalyan - Thy music causeth my soul to dance

Before you Judge

Poems of Hazrat Inayat Khan - Music by Maheboob Khan

The 'companions' of Hazrat Inayat Khan were 'living India' for him, when he answered the call of destiny to go to the West and certainly often felt lonely and homesick. His brothers Maheboob and Musharaff Khan as well as his cousin Ali Khan had - together with Hazrat Inayat Khan - 1910 left all behind and travelled to the West, to create the space in the hearts of the human beings for the Message of Love, Harmony and Beauty. As 'Royal Hindustani Musicians' they gave many concerts and so opened the understanding of the Western audiences for the fineness of Indian Sufi music tradition.

While Hazrat Inayat Khan seldom had time and space to play his most loved instrument, the Veena, his brother Maheboob Khan devoted himself to a musical form which is unique in the West - he composed songs to the poems of his brothers - here are two of them from the CD which brings together all their music. - click on text!

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