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Concert and Flamenco guitar, rhythmics,

voice, piano, composition, working with Finale music program

Hannes Füchslin, Sennhüttenstrasse 1, 8805 Richterswil

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Dear Friends,

Since childhood I have played music, first was the piano, on which I took classes for 6 years, until the Beatles came, and I began to learn by listening to all the pop songs and play them. Then, at the age of 20, I lived in London, and went regularly to the Cecil Sharp House - a Folk Club in Regents Park, where for 60p I learned to play the Folk guitar - first picking techniques. And so I went on learning, all the 'canti popolari nel Ticino' - and then I lived two years in Seville, learned to play the Flamenco guitar and since then I dedicate myself to music, play a wide repertory, teach and arrange music according to the needs of my students.

A special work was the collaboration with a composer who has created great symphonic music - I brought all his compositions into printing form, so that it can reach a wider public. Please visit the page and learn to know about his work! His music, listen to it!

In the course of time new projects and concepts came about - a Petama Microtheatre for children - based on the Jataka tale 'The Fairy and the Hare' - see Noor Inayat Khan's Jataka tales page - with musical compositions, dances and a guide booklet for theatre plays with children.. and a series of yearly concerts accompanying the publication of a series of books, a life story, old fables and tales - with music arranged to them. Go to the concert page here.

I truly believe that the times we are living in needs a music which reaches deep into our being - over the years I have been pondering so often about our teaching methods, how we sing, how we play, what our aims in music are. These ponderings have lead to the music teacher's blog (in German) to reach out.


Hannes Füchslin