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Here are two lectures on "The Art of Personality" - in PDF!

The Art of Personality (1)

The Art of Personality (2)

'Art of Personality' - Hazrat Inayat Khan describes a method, with which we can develop our talents, deepen them and bring them into the world. The Petama Project deals here with this theme and presents examples of various artists, describes the background of their work, their methods, their aims.

It is so vital in our lives that beyond our daily duties, to which we respond, we stay attentive to the values which underly our thoughts, speech and deeds, refine them, attune them to the demands and conditions of our constantly moving and changing life, to be conscious of the fact that we either form and mould our lives - or we are 'being lived by the circumstances'.

A wonderful example of 'The Art of Personality' is the life work of Raden Ayou Jodjana, she received music lessons from Hazrat Inayat Khan in London, during the Pioneer years, and her life work is recollected in 'A Book of Self Re-Education'

Much inspiration in your study!