Sufis and Flamencos

Sufis and Flamencos have much in common, Al-Andalus has been the breeding soil for many facets of beautiful inner culture, originating in the wisdom of masters and philosophers of the 12th century, like Averroes - Ibn Rushd, or the Sufi Ibn Al'Arabi, who lived in Seville.

Ibn Al'Arabi wrote a book - Sufis in Andalusia, where he relates many stories of the fellow Sufi brothers and sisters he had known while living in Al-Andalus. And the beautiful coincidence shows that in the many villages he mentions, like Utrera, Marchena, Moron, Alcalá, later the Flamenco gipsy families have settled, expressing in their beautiful music many similar thoughts and a view towards life which makes Sufis and Flamencos brothers and sisters over many centuries.

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