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The Petama Project is a working concept, which received its first shape in 1978 and since then tried to find answers to the deep questions of today's life, where structures in our individual life and society seem to guarantee an outer well-being, and the world nevertheless is not growing towards what humanity could be. The teachings and Life work of Hazrat Inayat Khan are keys to many of these questions. (Click on the links)

The Petama Project offers musical teachings, concerts and events, a bookshop, videos, meditations and studies of old Sufi teachings, which touch us as deeply today, as they have done for a thousand years, workshops about topics of everyday life, examples of what is called 'The Art of Personality'. One of his first students, Raden Ayou Jodjana, created a masterpiece herein. Please follow reports under petamablog. And here is 'Sohbet of the Week', a new form of Sufi stories.

Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882 - 1927) has given the world a wide range of great teachings, the 'Bowl of Saki' is a cycle of aphorisms, one for each day of the year. Short daily reflections on his teachings you can find by clicking on this notice here.

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Bowl of Saki - Schale des Saki - Cuenco del Saki 25 July

Our spirit is the real part of us, the body but its garment. 
A human being would not find peace at the tailor's 
because his coat comes from there;  
neither can the spirit obtain true happiness from the earth 
just because his body belongs to earth.
Unser Geist ist der wirkliche Teil in uns, der Körper nur sein Kleid. 
Wir würden  keinen Frieden finden beim Schneider, 
weil unser Kleid von ihm kommt; 
genauso wenig kann der Geist wahres Glück auf Erden finden, 
weil sein Körper von der Erde stammt.
Nuestro espíritu es la parte real de nosotros, 
el cuerpo no más que su vestido.
Un ser humano no encontraría paz con su sastre 
porque su traje viene de él; 
tampoco el espíritu puede encontrar felicidad verdadera en la tierra,  
porque su cuerpo pertenece a la tierra.
Bowl of Saki - Aphorisms for every Day -Schale des Saki - Aphorismen für jeden Tag - Cuenco del Saki - Aforismos para cada Día del Año

The Sufi Topic of July deals with: The Language of Life 1+2, Firdausi, excerpts from the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan from 'Alchemy of Happiness'.

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The issue of integrity on the Sufi Path is as vital to be observed closely as in the times of Hazrat Inayat Khan walking on this earth. Please read the open letter to the son of Hazrat Inayat Khan.